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Bothell Football Families, fans and community,:

Two weeks ago, our program was tarnished. A couple of our parents were involved in an aggressive physical confrontation with a parent from another team.

 That physical altercation and any derogatory language used that day by anyone, from either side, was completely unacceptable.

 As a result of their actions, those Bothell parents as well as three parents from Five-Star have been banned from any games through the end of the 2014 football season.

 Yelling at other fans, opposing coaches or players, officials – and certainly aggressive physical contact against anyone – must not stand in BCJFA. We exist so that kids can learn how to be good sportsmen and teammates. To work hard, have fun, respect everyone and play fair. No matter what. The bonus is, they learn the skills of a sport along the way.

 Our focus as a program and as a youth football community needs to be squarely on those values. We require this as a board and as a program. As we move forward, I'm confident we'll continue to show how as an overall program we are a model in Washington state.

 We also want you to know we have communicated with GEJFA, all other clubs, and the Five-Star program letting them know we do not condone physical altercations under any circumstances. We also fully reject and find offensive all possible derogatory statements made from either side that day. It is not accepted in our club or our community. And we will let the news media know, where appropriate, what actions we are taking, as they are asking. However, there is no intention to play this awful situation out on tv or social media. Our kids have seen enough and are already suffering the consequences created by a few people making very bad choices. This program is about the kids and always will be. That is our focus. Their protection is the only priority.

 Let's get back to the community we are: caring, fun and passionate about our families, friends and neighbors (neighbors inside and outside of Bothell).

 Thank you for all your comments and support these past two weeks.

 Greg Fisherkeller
 President, Bothell Cougar Junior Football Association and All Members of its Board

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